Anglo American Oil Company on board with Joe Gibbs

UKV8S are pleased to announce a new partnership for lubricants in the 2016 season! Matt Smith from AAOil had this to say: “Anglo American Oil Company is very pleased that the UKV8’S championship has decided to use Driven Racing Oil in all their race cars. The mighty V8’s will use Driven LS30 in the engines, an oil specially blended to look after high performance LS series engines, which will be a perfect fit for the 6.2l V8 beasts. In addition to this the cars will also use Driven MTF in the gearboxes and Driven LSD 75/90 in the differentials. Anglo American Oil Company looks forward to working with UKV8’S in 2016 and seeing the cars in action at the first round at Silverstone on March 27th.” LS30     04230 Driven LSD 75-90        MTF