The picture above is of a beautiful old style Cobra with the traditional colours and long roof. This a stunning kit car which you could build yourself, or place an order with a good kit car company such as Dax Cars.   The New Car with be called the 447R, 550RS and 700RS. The new UKV8S car we are building will be called the 447R and will have a more modern styled shell, the finish will be as stunning, but the car will have the latest equipment, with running gear to match, so as to pass VOSA’s emissions tests. The exhaust will have the traditional V8 burbul with two of the 3” Stainless Steel pipes leaving the car as in the 60’s at the rear, but a marked change will see the modern Cat glowing on the end of the exhaust at night, seen by all of those who are following. The 447R′ will not be sold as a kit, but as complete car and there will be a limited run, making it exclusive to the modernist. 378’mm and 355’mm AP brakes will be fitted with Performance Friction carbon metallic pads, this will be supported by a AP racing pedal box. The brakes will fit inside Enkei Alloy RC-T4R 18″x 9″ modern flat faced racing wheels, with Dunlop R rated low-profile tyres 245/650/18, making the car more stable against the old bulbous tyres, which ran on 15″ wheels. The running gear will be built around all GM Performance parts as seen in the Corvette, Australian Holden or the UK VXR8. It will have a small block LS3 engine giving out 447 bhp, thus the name 447R R standing for race. The LS3/LSX  can be easily be supercharged to 550bhp, this car would be called the 550RS or even 700bhp if required, being called the 700RS.
2016-04-01 18.22.27
                            LS3 mounted in UKV8S' Race car. The gearbox can be a 5 or 6 speed manual or a 5 speed Jerico Hurst quick-shift GM racing box. The GM differential 3;2 ratio, will give you strong and improved reliability over the Ford, the choice is yours.
Weight will be kept down on the 447R to the 900 kilo mark, meaning the car will get around figures of 3.6 seconds to 60mph, with enhanced fuel consumption over the Ford 427. The 550R and 700R will be even quicker. LED lighting front and rear will enhance the visibility at night, HTB1ZuKwKXXXXXcdXpXXq6xXFXXXt0018427_95mm-led-rear-fog-each   Front and rear Led Lights along with new style back lit number plates front and rear, showing off your personal number plate 32   eg   UK OI COB or JT O8 COB The petrol tanks will be ATL bag safety cell tanks as used in racing and the car will run on 95 octane, the least expensive in the market. A Stack multipurpose dash, with oil and water temp gauges, gear directors, rev counter, speedo and downloads for the track day enthusiast. A sat nav system will also sit on the dash, along with the sound system of your choice. The Cobra of the 60’s would have had two tube beams for the chassis, we feel we need to beef it up, to a modern ladder style chassis, as seen below. Again, racing side-bars can be fitted for the Track day enthusiast.   13151458_1292426080786107_1675947607513143162_n   Ladder chassis galvanised finish A modern airflow system underneath the car will enhance the down force, improving the grip round corners. No wings are planned for the road car, but maybe for a track day or a race car planned later. The splitters as on the Iconic AC Roadster built in America. Below front. 06-iconic-ac-roadster   Front splitter with some traditional styling. 07-iconic-ac-roadster   Rear under tray. A new shape Kevlar roll bar will be used, so a lift off  Targa roof can be fitted, or the long roof or soft drop down roof, or even tonneau could be supplied. The lovely traditional interior will be kept. Wood and a choice of race steering wheels will also be available. 13240108_1307615615933820_5646695506829320060_n   Interior colours of your choice. The 447R, 550RS,700RS  will all be made in enforced resign, although you could order an aluminium hand made body which are very much more expensive. I hope you have enjoyed the write up, now we can make it happen. If you have any enquiries or questions please E.mail :