Motorsport in the UK and the V8.

  Motorsport starts for most in a small car up to 2 litres, whether it is single seater, GT, sportscar or saloon car. But when the season closes for most in October, most teams get together with a beer and the first thing the driver says is, 'I need more power. As drivers get better, they decide to buy bigger and faster cars. Some I knew in Britcar, started in a Fiesta and ended winning the Silverstone 24hr Race in a Mosler, then went on to Le Mans in a Ferrari. dscf1010-150x150 Budgets do not allow everyone to do that, so they stick with what they have, with the enjoyment that comes from spannering it themselves. But and there is always an if/but, the damage is the most expensive thing not only because of loss of time but loss of entries on a grids, that is due to the modern world that is taking over every side of our society, 'intolerance'. images.jpg intolerence The logic of taking new car, say a Honda and taking the engine to someone you don't know, who says, 'he can make it go better and last longer than Honda?' Britcar24-2010-01 2014 Britcar 24hr race start with Aquila/Mosler/Marcos /Aston Martin/Holden. V8 engines from GM/Ford/ Nissan have been seen in  this country for years. F1 and Formula 5000 used them in the 70's, LeMans and Australian Supercars all use a V8, so why when it is so reliable, for example Topcat Racing, it has used the same engines for all but a decade and not had a failure, anyway it no hardship, you can buy a new one for less that £4500.00. But yet we don't see too many racing, its time we did. V8-Supercars-Holden-side-(1) Expensive, no, as I have said already, yes if you are wanting 600bhp plus as in Australian Supercars at $100000.00, but stay with a standard block with 450 bhp and have some fun. IMAG0586 Cars are for sale here on this site from 15k to 36k and beyond, and soon Brown Bear will be out to seduce your ears with the v8 rumble.