First two Chassis being delivered.

64643196 The beautiful car above is for sale at Targa Floria, near Chichester, sale price £45k, the same chassis and body UKV8's are going to use. The stunning New Car built by UKV8'S on a 447R chassis are being delivered next week, one will be built as a brand new car in Black Gel coat finish, ready for the colour of your choice to be applied, as will the interior be the colour specified by you. Brand new 6.2 litre LS3 engine with 6 speed gear box and 3.2 GM diff, choice of 9x18 or 10x18 Racing wheels on Dunlop low profile tyres. Predicted price around the £65k. The 2009 447R which is a second hand car will be for sale at £49K, both will attract Vat. Please contact us at UKV8S 01252834377 to discuss your requirements and delivery.