Start to lay out the suspension.

Exciting times, started to lay out all the new parts to the 447R, We will be able to bolt on the massive brakes to the new chassis, the new LS3 is waiting for the new 6 speed box to arrive with its racing clutch. 2016-07-15 10.03.04    2016-07-15 10.03.22 Suspension and differential to drive shafts.

2016-07-15 10.03.46  2016-07-15 10.03.34

The GD car above is the goal, and if it comes out as well as this, we at UKV8S' will have produced an even better modern version the 447R, of the 1965 AC Cobra, produced all those years ago with drum brakes at Thames Ditton. Image (13)(4)p21310394061 We will pruduce a list of extra's and a price list, in the mean time if you are interested in a new car or the 09/447R which is about to be announced. please email:- or call on 01252834377.