AC Kirkham Motorcars USA/Poland (feature)

The Kirkham car is more like the original AC Thames Ditton, with the two main bars running down the car. Like the Morgan it was seen to be good to have a flexing chassis, unlike today were it is felt the chassis needs to be stiff and the suspentition does all the moving. The beautiful bodies all produced by hand, as were 100% of cars years ago before computerised work stations. Image (13)(4)p21310394061 This picture shows vertually the same design in the Thames Ditton factory in 1965 same the film above of cars being made in Poland and the USA, by Kirkham. The Copper car is a beautiful piece of skill, but I would not want to get the Brasso out to clean each week. c-33 The base car comes out at aroung $99900.00, the extra's list can be as long as you like. You can spend as much as double, and you have got to be proud of such a stunning modern but orginal recreation of the AC Cobra of 1965 with modern equipment. CRW_0364    broch06