The UKV8S starts on the first 447Roadster

Date start 25th July wk1. This car is being built from a donor car, which is a Holden Lumina Race Car Model CR8, built in 09 for the support races in the middle east for F1. They were built by Chevrolet, this one in April as the Tag shows. The cars were used fo about 21/2 years, so they have only done track time since new. Anyone wanting the chassis complete with roll cage. Please ring .2016-08-02 10.19.47 As the main headline picture above shows, the engine and gear box are out. 2016-08-02 10.04.38 Ready for cleaning and paint. (above.) Engine, the loom, water pump,plenum,rocker covers etc were all taken out off checked and reassembled ready to go in the new chassis, which arrived last week. 2016-08-02 10.02.48 2016-08-02 09.59.57 We then put the Gardener Douglas chassis on temporary stands. 2016-08-02 10.35.50 Next stage is to offer up the 6.2litre engine to its new home. 2016-07-30 13.15.30 Engine mountings in place, looking good. 2016-07-30 13.16.06   2016-07-30 13.15.58   2016-07-30 13.15.42 Next week we start on lighting loom, fuel lines and we hope a gear box.