447R week two.

Well 26hrs spent on the car so far, the donor car is stripped apart from the ATL bag tank, which is in an ali box, but is the wrong shape for the 447R, so they will be sold as second hand. 80ltrs. ukv8's shop on e.bay 2016-08-03 12.48.17  2016-08-03 12.48.35 Last item to be removed from the racing shell, complete shell with roll cage, also you have got it, for sale, the Black one. 2016-02-13 09.39.20   2016-08-03 12.54.49 Not all the suspention bits we can use, and we feel the power steering rack will also be replaced with a manual because of space, so they will be for sale. The track rod ends need replacing, as a matter of corse. The rear suspension as shown we will not be able to use the CR8 racing uprights and they will be sold for new parts. IMG_0998      2016-07-20 09.50.13 The cleaning of all the bits has started and we have started to lay them out ready for  the new car. 2016-08-03 13.00.15