Richard Culverhouse new venture to reduce costs.

Richard Culverhouse to working with the MSA to reduce costs in motorsport. as per report in Autosport 11th August 2016. download As the founder of CSCC, he has the experience to make a profound difference to the way in which race meetings can be run to save time. We all know time is money. So if you can run two qualifying seasons together and or races, you are quids in. I was able to start joint grids eight years ago in Britcar with the help of John Symmes Chief Safety officer at the MSA , with Endurance and Productions running together, with different lenght races. 30mins of qualifying with 15 minutes down time , with 2x 50 minute races and 2x15 minutes down time comes to  3 hours all but 5 minutes at £4k an hour £12000 is saved, it is not rocket science. Drivers either pay £600 entry fee for 4x20 minute seasons or for a separate races, against £400 for ammalgimated grids. Over a season one day race meetings and joint qualifying and joint grids could save one team with eight race events, entry fees, wages, accomidation, food etc £5000 say you have 30 car grids, £150000.00 to the sport in a season. From only two series. 8293973-3d-rendering-of-the-pound-sign-in-gold-on-a-white-isolated-background--Stock-Photo its Gold! I am looking forward to the first event and wish him every success.