447R 5th week.

No 1 an original front upright from a VXR8 2009 1      2016-10-25-09-10-59      2      2016-10-25-09-11-14 We marked and cut off two of the original fixing points as seen top and bottom. 2016-10-25-09-20-38 Top mounts drilled, we then offered them up to ensure camber etc. 2016-09-05-14-24-12-copy Then the two uprights went to have top mounting hole machined Front suspenion machined from orginal uprights, attached to wishbones, fully adjustable. 2016-10-24-14-21-13    2016-10-25-09-40-39 So now she is looking good with front end done. 2016-10-24-14-20-58 Now onto to the rear end.