UKV8S Regulations for 2017

UKV8S New Regulations 2017
I have been asked to make it simple, so this is what I have done. 8 Race Weekends. Name:- UKV8 AlComer Series 2017. 20 minutes qualifying and for 2x 20 minute races for less than £300.00 for early payment. (one month in advance.) £350.00 for late payment. (within the month before the race weekend). £400.00 for late payment (within 2 weeks of the event.) These payment dates will be set on the entry forms. No Registration Fee. No Membership Fee. Nat B licence. v8_image  Contact and registration. 01252834377 Regulations. There will be minor only changes, re- Dunlop tyres' control. The Dunlop tyres will be supplied by HP Tyres, so these will be marked. Tyres supplied on the day and or from previous race meetings, these will be marked. No non market tyres cannot be used.   hp-tyres-logo Organising Club MSVR's co-ordinator will run the event along with Srutineers, Marshals. Image result for msvr logo Fuel Supplier. Fuel can be from any supplier, and refueling is mentioned in the regulations, but oil will be available at knock down prices based in the Dunlop service centre. texaco-vector-logo   46c898630140693d96d5ef927172c0f0 Timing Team. TSL timing will run all the time keeping for the races, so TSL monitoring equipment will be needed, these can be bought and or rented from TSL. Performance Friction will be supporting the teams with advice and supply of Braking Systems and material. Image result for ukv8s logo   UKV8S Sporting and Technical Regulations 2016
    • Title & Jurisdiction:
The 2016  UKV8S  MSVR All-Comers will be organised and administered by MotorSport Vision Racing in accordance with the General Regulations of the Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and these Series Regulations. Series Permit: RS2016/044 Race Status: National B
  • Officials:
    • Series Co-ordinator:
    • Series Scrutineer
    • Series Stewards:
Any three of the above may reach a decision.
  • Clerk of the Course:
  • Competitor Eligibility:
  • Entrants must:
  • be fully paid up valid membership card holding members of MSVR and
  • be in possession of a valid MSA Entrants Licences.
  • Drivers and Entrant/Drivers must:
  1. Be current Members of MSVR and
  2. be in possession of valid Competition (Racing) Nat B status Licence, as a minimum or
  3. A professional driver, in possession of a valid Licence (featuring an E.U. flag) and medical, issued by the ASN of a member country of the European Union, or comparable country. ((H)26.2.1. applies)
  4. *If participation in the series requires absence from education a driver, in full time school education is required to have the approval of their head teacher and a letter stating such approval from their school in order to fulfil registration for the Championship. A driver shall not take time out of their education to participate in motor sport without the prior written approval of their education establishment.
  • All necessary documentation must be presented for checking at all rounds when signing-on.
  • Membership of MSVR is free on entry into an event.
    • Registration:
1.4.1.     There is no registration fee for this series.   1.5. Rounds: The MSVR All-Comers will be held over multiple races at a selection of 2016 MSVR race meetings, these are shown below. Date                                                    Circuit                                    Organising Club

To be arranged

Full details and any changes to the above race calendar will be found at:
  • Scoring - MSVR All-Comers is a series of standalone races
  • Awards
  • Awards will be provided by MSVR
  • Per round: Trophies to:-
1st, in class in each race. Class structure:   class1  Super Saloons class2  Holden v8 09 Saloons and BMW V8Saloons class3  Holden v8 06 Saloons and BMW M3 3.2 litre class4  BMW Compacts and BMW A1 Saloons or Hatch Back.                         
  • Bonuses:
The series organising club will endeavour to obtain sponsored awards or bonuses during the series and reserves the right to introduce same at any time without any obligation to distribute such awards retrospectively.
  • Presentations:
Winners Caps, Champagne and Trophies are to be provided for presentation at the end of each race. Prize money and bonuses, if any, shall be posted to the Entrants within 10 days of the results of each round being declared final.
  • Entertainment Tax Liability:
In accordance with current government legislation, MSV Racing is legally obliged to withhold tax at the basic rate on all payments to non-UK resident sportsmen/women. That is, those persons who do not have a normal permanent residence in the UK. The UK does not include the Isle of Man, Channel Islands or Eire. This means that, as the organiser, MSV Racing is required to deduct tax at the current rate applicable from any such payments they may make to non-UK residents. Under certain circumstances, it may be possible for competitors to enter into an agreement with the Inland Revenue to limit the tax withheld. Any application for such an arrangement must be made in writing and not later than 30 days before the payment is due. For further information contact:- The Inland Revenue, Foreign Entertainers Unit, Centre for Non-Residents, St John’s House, Merton Road, Merseyside L69 9BB. Tel: 0151 472 6488 F 0151 472 6483.  
  • Title to all Trophies:
In the event of any Provisional Results being revised after any provisional presentations and such revisions affect the distribution of any awards the Competitors concerned must return such awards to the Series Coordinator in good condition within 7 days.
  • Team Radios
  • No car or driver is permitted to use radio links or “car to pits” telemetry for data logging purposes, other than approved lap time data logging beacons.
  • Competitors are responsible for sending in correct and complete entries with the correct entry fee prior to the closing date for entries before each event.
  • Incorrect or incomplete entries (Including Driver to be Nominated Entries) are to be held in abeyance until they are complete and correct and the date of receipt for acceptance of entry purposes shall be the date on which the Meeting Organiser receives the missing or corrected information or fee.
  • Any withdrawal or Entry or Driver/Car changes made after acceptance of any entry must be notified to the Meeting Organisers in writing. D25.1.12. applied
  • The Entry Fee for each event shall be specified on the entry form.
  • Reserves will be listed in the Final List of Entries published with Final Instructions or in a bulletin.
  • Cancellations and refunds
  • If a race entry is withdrawn, no refunds will be offered. However, if a withdrawal is received by the Series Organiser 14 days prior to the race, a credit will be offered towards the next race.. Withdrawals made within 14 days of a particular race will not be subject to any credit being offered.
  • MSVR may cancel, postpone or alter any Date(s) or Track Time of the Event(s) in accordance with the requirements of any Governing Body and whether for reasons of Force Majeure or otherwise. In the case of cancellation or postponement, MSV shall notify the competitor of any such cancellation or postponement as soon as reasonably practicable. MSVR reserve the right to reduce Track Time during the course of the event, whether for reasons of Force Majeure or otherwise, without any repayment to the competitor.
  • Briefings:
MSVR will notify Competitors of the times and locations for all briefings on the official timetable for the meetings. Competitors must attend all briefings.
  • Should any Practice session be disrupted the Clerk of the Course shall not be obliged to resume or re-run the session; the decision of the Clerk of the Course shall be final.
  • Each driver shall complete a minimum of 3 laps in the car to be raced, and in the correct session, in order to qualify (MSA Regulations Q4.5).
  • The grid for race one will be formed from the fastest times in qualifying. The grid for
race two will be formed  from the results of race one.
  • Races:
Should any race be disrupted the Clerk of the Course shall not be obliged to resume or rerun the race ((Q)5.4.) (1.6.4. above applies)
  • The minimum scheduled distance shall be 15 or 20 minutes whenever practicable but should any race distance be reduced at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course or Stewards of the Meeting it shall still count as a full and valid race.
  • Starts:
  • All race start countdowns are to have a minimum elapsed period of 3 minutes from the time all cars are released to form up on the grid to the start of the Green flag Lap(s) in the formation as specified on the Track Licence for each circuit. Team personnel are not permitted on the grid unless instructed by an official.
  • All starts will be Rolling
  • Any cars removed from the grid after the 1 minute stage, or driven into pits on Green Flag lap, shall be held in the pit lane and may start the race after the last car to take the start from the grid has passed the startline or pitlane exit, whichever is the later.
  • Any drivers unable to start the Green Flag/Pace lap or start are required to indicate their situation as per MSA Regulation Q12.13.2 and any drivers unable to maintain grid positions on the Green Flag Lap to the extent that ALL other cars are ahead of them, may complete the Green Flag lap but MUST remain at the rear of the last row of the grid but ahead of any cars to be started with a time delay.
  • Excessive weaving to warm-up tyres - using more than 50% of the track width, and falling back in order to accelerate and practice starts, is prohibited.
In the event of any starting lights failure the Starter will revert to use of the National Flag. Any alternative starting signal will be notified to competitors in Final Instructions.
Should the need arise to stop any race or practice, RED LIGHTS will be switched on at the Startline and RED FLAGS will be displayed at the Startline and at all Marshals Signalling Points around the Circuit. This is the signal for all drivers to cease circulating at racing speeds, to slow to a safe and reasonable pace and to return to the pit lane, during practice, and to the starting grid area, during a race, unless otherwise directed by officials. Cars may not enter the Pits unless directed to do so. Work on cars already in the Pits must cease when a race is stopped.
  • Pits, Paddock & Pit-lane Safety:
  • Pits & Paddock: Entrants must ensure that the MSA, Circuit Management and Organising Club Safety Regulations are complied with at all times.
  • Pit-lane: The outer lane or lanes are to be kept unobstructed to allow safe passage of cars at all times. The onus shall be on all Drivers to take all due care and drive at minimum speeds in pit lanes.
  • Refuelling: May only be carried out in accordance with the MSA General Regulations, Circuit Management Regulations and the SRs or Final Instructions issued for each Circuit/Meeting. Refuelling is not permitted during qualifying or the race.
  • Speed Limit: Pit Lane Speed Limit will be 60 km/h
  • Race finishes:
After taking the Chequered Flag drivers are required to:
  1. progressively and safely slow down
  2. remain behind any competitors ahead of them,
  • return to the Pit Lane Entrance/Paddock Entrance as instructed,
  1. comply with any directions given by Marshals or Officials
  2. keep their helmets on and harnesses done up while on the circuit or in the pitlane.
  • Parc Ferme: After each qualifying session and race the vehicles must be presented directly for scrutineering. Any area deemed by the licensed Eligibility Scrutineer and/or his nominated representative will be subject to Parc Ferme conditions with no exceptions. This will include the track from the track to the finish line to the scrutineering area, the waiting area in front as well as the track from the scrutineering area to the Parc Ferme, but all areas may be used as necessary. Team personnel must not enter Parc Ferme unless invited by the Series Eligibility/Safety Scrutineer.
  • Results:
All Practice Timesheets, Grids, Race Results are to be deemed PROVISIONAL until all vehicles are released by Scrutineers after Post Practice/Race Scrutineering and/or after completion of any Judicial or Technical Procedures. (MSA regulation D26.3)
  • Timing Modules
  • All competitors will be required to fit Electronic Self Identification Modules to their
cars for the purposes of accurate timing. It will be the responsibility of the competitor to fit these in the car in the position and manner specified. The Modules must be in place and functioning correctly for all qualifying practice sessions and races. The setting and servicing of these items must only be carried out by properly authorised MSA licensed Timekeepers. Timing Modules are available to hire from MSV. Competitors will be charged for replacement of the Modules due to damage or loss.
  • Competitors may not place electronic timing equipment within five metres of the
official Start, Finish or any other official timing lines at any event or test session/day. Any such equipment placed within these zones will be removed.
  • Intentionally left blank.
  • Operation of Safety Car
The Safety Car will be brought into operation and run in accordance with Section Q, Appendix 2 of the MSA General Regulations.
On board cameras are permitted but must comply with MSA Regulation J5.21.
  • All cars must conform to the technical regulations covered from point 5 in this document
In accordance with Section C of the current MSA Yearbook and these regulations.
  • Infringements of Technical Regulations:
    • Arising from post practice Scrutineering or Judicial Action:
Minimum Penalty: The provisions of MSA Regulations: C 3.3.
  • Arising from post race Scrutineering or Judicial Action:
Minimum Penalty: The provisions of MSA Regulations: C 3.5.1 - C 3.5.2 For infringements deemed to be of a more serious nature the Clerk of the Course and/or Stewards of the Meeting are to invoke the provisions of Regulation C 3.5.1 (c).
  • Additional specific series penalties:
    • In order to maintain standards of conduct, the series coordinator will monitor all
officials / observers reports of adverse behaviour at race meetings. If any individual is included on such reports during one racing season the series coordinator will notify the organisers who will issue a warning letter that his / her driving behaviour is to be specifically observed at future race meetings. Adverse second such report during this period of observation may result in a formal warning being issued. Further reports may be referred to the Series Stewards for consideration of further sanctions including but not limited to possible refusal of further race entries or other sanctions as seen fit.
  • The Clerk of the Course may impose a Stop & Go or Drive Through penalty for infringements of the regulations in accordance with MSA Regulation Q 12.6 (a.-h.).
  • The Clerk of the Course may impose a grid position penalty for the next race or races of the Series for infringements of the regulations.
  • The Clerk of the Course may impose such penalties as appropriate according to the powers granted to him in G 5.3
    • Introduction:
The following technical regulations are set out in accordance with MSA specified format and it should be clearly understood that if the following texts do not clearly state that you can do something you should seek clarification from the series organisers prior to making any changes. The organisers reserve the right to modify these series regulations as appropriate to ensure close competitive racing at all times. Exceptions to the Technical Regulations may be made providing they are:
  • Approved by the series organisers and scrutineers in advance.
In any case, all MSA safety requirements must be adhered to as specified in the blue book.
  • Description:
The MSVR All-Comers is for Competitors participating in any closed wheel vehicle. Vehicles of commercial type, such as a van/pick-up which were initially intended solely for commercial or goods carrying, are also permitted to take part in the series. All entries are at the discretion of the Series Organisers.
  • Presentation
Cars must be presented to a high standard. Unpainted panels, unrepaired damage or cars not achieving a satisfactory level of preparation and presentation, as judged by the series scrutineer, may receive a warning and may ultimately result in exclusion. Presentation for a vehicle for scrutineering is a declaration by the entrant that the vehicle is eligible for that event and fully complies with the series regulations.
  • Safety Requirements:
The following Articles of MSA Blue Book ‘Section K Competitors: Safety’ regulations are highlighted as being applicable (but not to the exclusion of any other) MSA General Regulations that automatically apply - see 5.1.2 above): K 1.2.1 & K 1.2.2 , - ROPS (Roll over protection systems) general safety specifications K 1.2.3, - ROPS, compulsory diagonal bar K 1.3.5 - ROPS, optional reinforcement K 2.1.2 - K 2.1.4 - Seat belts, 4, 5 and 6 point harnesses K 3.1 - Fire extinguisher, Appendix 1, Table 3 , references (3.1.2 a) &/or (3.1.2 b) apply K 5.1 & K 5.2, - Red warning light K 6, - Fuel tanks & fillers K 8 , - External circuit breaker (see also G120 & 121) K 9 - Race Overalls (in particular, K 9.1.1) K 10 - Crash helmets K 13, - Head restraints
  • Safety Harnesses
In order to maintain the integrity of the harness system in the event of an accident, it is recommended that these should be a minimum of five-point attachment, in accordance with Q 19.14.2.
  • Seats
It is strongly recommended that seats have side wings or side head restraints to take into account lateral forces.
  • General Technical Requirements & Exceptions
All vehicles must comply with the relevant sections of the 2016 MSA Yearbook Section J and Section Q (Tech Regs) up to and including Q 19.16
  • Competitors registering in this Series do so in the full knowledge that the organisers reserve the right to require the Series Scrutineer to carry out, record and enforce eligibility checks which may include the sealing of component(s) for subsequent checking. The costs of such checking shall be borne by the series organisers but the organisers shall not be liable for the costs of stripping or reassembly or rebuilding of vehicles after the checks have been carried out.
  • Advertising on vehicles is subject to requirements set out in MSA Yearbook Q 19.2.2 and H 28 & H 29 in particular.
  • All vehicles must comply with MSA General Technical Regulations and the relevant parts of the MSA Yearbook except where specified below.
  • Vehicles must be fitted with at least two externally mounted rear view mirrors.
  • Engines may be sealed at any time by a Licensed Eligibility Scrutineer and only by written permission in advance from the series organisers or series Eligibility Scrutineer may seals be broken.
  • The Car Specification elements of the Series Registration documents must be fully completed and will form part of a declaration of the cars suitability to align with this series. This document should be with the car when presented for scrutineering.
  • If a workshop manual or manufacturers specification sheet specifically for the model being raced is not available, then a manual for the standard version of the vehicle with any other relevant supplementary information to prove the authenticity of the up
rated model would be acceptable. The onus is on the entrant to prove eligibility of the model.
  • Chassis:
Chassis is free subject to MSA requirements.
  • Bodywork:
Bodywork is free subject to MSA requirements.
  • Interior:
Interior is free subject to MSA requirements.
  • Engine:
Engine is free subject to MSA requirements.
  • Suspension:
Suspension is free subject to MSA requirements.
  • Transmission:
Transmission is free subject to MSA requirements.
  • Electrical:
Electrical equipment is free subject to MSA requirements.
  • Brakes:
Brake systems are free subject to MSA requirements.
  • Wheels and Tyres:
Wheels: Wheel size and material is free, subject to MSA requirements. Tyres Tyres must be from list 1a,1b or 1c from the MSA list of eligible tyres. Slick tyres are permitted.
  • Weights:
Weight is free, subject to MSA requirements.
  • Numbers and Series Decals:
  • Only competition numbers as allocated by the series Registrar shall be displayed in accordance with MSA regulation J Drawing no 4 and shall remain as allocated until the end of the season in question.
  • All vehicles must display the series advertising material associated with a Series sponsor as required by the series. These stickers will be provided to you at signing- on for the event.
MSVR sticker on both sides of the vehicle MSVR All-Comers sticker on both sides of the vehicle Further sponsors may be added at a later date.
    • Race Organising Contacts:
    • Commercial Undertakings:
  • Agreed Waivers:
  • Log Books:
A central logbook will be held by the eligibility scrutineer where specific eligibility infringements will be recorded and a copy issued to the entrant at scrutineer.   Contact and Registration. 01252834377. Image result for msvr logo cropped-cropped-v8-logo-short1b                                                    hp-tyres-logo   Image result for ukv8s logo