GD T70 Race Car.

The GDT70 Race Car will be seen as a major step back into the past, the 70's and 80's produced big sports cars, image_homepage_hero                  2016-01-12-16-39-30 with great amounts of horse power, produced by useing the American V8 engines like the Mclaren Can am car. The time has come because the very reliable LSX375- GM LS3 with 6.2 litres can produce 427 bhp as standard. Cost wise £5000.00 will buy you a new engine, yes you need a loom at £800.00 and amanagement system at about £800.00.   Next find a gear box that is also off the shelf, 911 Porsche is the one people have been able to use such as Ultima, email_grey600_24dp qbox4 but these boxes are now getting expensive, up to £8000.00 second hand, the alternative would be a Quiafe Box new at the same money.   Next find a chassis, well Gardener Douglas does just the job, originally a road chassis, but modified and strengthened and added a roll cage making it the ideal base for the engine and gearbox. images-2-jpgt70-chassis Fitted with both she starts to look very special. images-2-jpgt70engine   Bodywork is next. images-2-jpgt70 All of this package will be available as a for engineers in small race teams to out together, set by a standard overseen by the manufacturer, so that all cars end up as being all the same. This is very much cheaper than buying a finished car, which means there is profit against the retail price. gardner-douglas-t70 gdt70-header gplus_32x32 t70-body t70-suspension img_1374 If you want any information , call 01252834377 or