Spare parts available for VXR8 09 CARS.

UKV8S has a stock of second hand  and new parts for the 09 Vauxhall VXR8 cars. 2016-08-03 13.00.15 Body parts: Wings , doors, boots and bonnets second hand. JER-WC4-4-4SPEED-2 Suspension: Springs, uprights, bearings, brakes and subframes.  new and second hand. 2016-07-15 10.03.34  2016-07-15 10.03.46 2016-09-05-14-24-12-copy Mechanicals: Engines, differentuals, prop shafts, manual and jerico racing gearboxs. new and second hand. 2016-08-02 10.04.38 Also radiators, 18x9 wheels, 2015-11-21 11.35.03 Call if you want anything. 01252834377.