UKV8S BMW A1 and Holden 06 cars.

BMW A1 cars join the BMW Compacts and the Holden 06 cars. cgvpatcw8aaqqws BMW A1 plus 311_large BMW Compact plus DSC_6992 Holden 06's cars The Holden 06 cars are for sale at £12000.00 plus vat. These cars need liquids, a good wash and some pre race prep. Please contact James at 01252834377. 2015-02-21-10-20-02  Holden 06 cars plus 09Holden to join the grid. The o9 Holdens are for sale at £18000.00 plus vat. Again please contact James. 01252834377. All these cars jointogether on one grid with Australian Supercars and BMW V8's.image28 V82