GD T70, March 717, Chevron B19, Elva MK8s and Xanthos23 modern race cars.

Image result for lola t70 cars   The New Gardener Douglas T70 has its own design, a very strong chassis, backs up some of very simple concepts. A cheap American V8 engine coupled to a tried and tested gearbox, a Quaife, attached to the strong tube chassis with suspension attached also to the chassis. t70-body GDT70   Xanthos 23 Well now Pilbeam are looking to modernising this design with a Carbon Tub. A single seat tub as the V8 Star or DTM would be fine, but with two-seater with a centre partition, would make life much easier for production.  so this is an idea:-   MP102 Carbon GT Chassis. Our new carbon chassis is now available and the first example is currently being assembled into a GT car with Lotus 300 RR suspension. It is also being adopted in new high performance road and race car projects by other manufacturers. We also offer our special version of the Lotus Elise suspension as shown on the photos. Pilbeam MP102 Carbon GT Chassis or even with a single-seater tub with all the same add on's as the original design. The car you see below is a original GD T70, with the metal space frame. Many of you will have seen it in previous write ups, eg. the 'T70 at the Ring', I will put that on the site again. The UKV8 Sportcar Series with T70'S will be launched in 2017 for  2018. There has already been a lot of interest. To the purists the original car was made of Aluminium sheet, and was very flexible, but was not a good place to be in an accident. This new T70 will be made to race, all the cars will be the same in every way, so it will be a drivers race. We are looking forward to races on Dunlop package, along with Britcar Production, Britcar Endurance, UKV8S Series and the UKV8 Sportscar Series 2018. Racing partners are being sort, the Elva Sports Racing car, March 717, Chevron B19 and others from the same period could join the grid in separate classes, so the grid numbers are good. All these cars with modern tech, are equal to the task as their predecessors. The new cars will be very much cheaper and replaceable, rather than the historic version, which can sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds, and cannot be replaced because the old engineering arts are being lost and are no longer seen as safe. view photos   Image result for pictures of elva sports racing cars  Elva MK 8s If you are interested in racing or just purchasing a road car, please contact James at 01252834377.