447R starts to grow into the animal.

A major step comes when you fit the body to the chassis. 2017-02-09 13.22.30 2017-01-31 15.32.54 The front grills are nearly finished. 2017-01-03 13.07.58 2017-02-09 13.22.41 The bonnet is clean of any false lumps, leaving clean lines. 2017-02-09 13.22.58 2017-02-09 13.23.13 The Dunlop road tyres have been ordered 245/45/18 front and 255/55/18 rear. 2017-02-10 09.05.39 The traditional seats look right. When the roll hoops arrive, the Willans safety harneses can be fitted. The brass frame has gone away with the bumpers, front light surrounds and the petrol cap to be powder coated Gloss Black. The carpets with leather and the carbon fibre dash has been ordered. The design/layout has been decided.2017-01-31 15.33.41 Rear reversing camera will show up on the screen on the dash. The Racetec road dash stradles the space above, with all the buttons fitting round the centre consul. Front and Rear number plates with fog and reversing lights need fitting.   2016-12-27 14.32.21 The side grills need to be fitted in power coated Gloss Black. 2017-02-07 09.27.43 Doors have been painted and will be fitted after the driver's compartment is finished. The IVA paperwork has arrived ready for the DVLA test to register the car as a new type approved road car, so you can get its new number plates. Still some way to go, but UKV8S have produced with Gardener Douglas a New Car with all General Motors parts, it is no longer classed as a Kit car, but will have new type approval, with a small manufacturer's passport. Anyone wanting to build this car, they will be available, contact us at or on 01252834377 /  james.tucker@ukv8s.co.uk.