UKV8S New 447R starts 9.00am Monday the 27th Feb.

The prototype 447R is finished, all the machining and welding, now we start the New car build from scratch. The New 447R starts with the brand new chassis, power coated complete with diff carrier, the body mountings fitted, along with the tunnel top plates. The first thing on Monday Morning was to lay out the parts we were going to fit today. wishbones, diff, shafts, prop, gearbox, engine, mounts and all the nuts /bolts.    We offered up the engine first, all was good. Engine and gearbox got married. Together we fitted them in place, new gear stick showing through the top of the chassis.          Diff, shafts and all 4 corners bolted on, fuel lines offered up to be fitted with p-clips.      Sorted the AP Brakes out into left/right front and rear, ready to be fitted on the corners next Monday. So after 16 hours, Dom and Adam from Brooklands Engineering College finished with the car looking like this. So next week we will see the brakes, discs, wheels, exhaust, rad, pipes and loom fitted, to look like the rolling chassis above.   If all goes well we should see the body going on after 32 hours. Watch this space. 01252834377.