The ATL car goes to NewZealand.

Having moved into the new barn in Alton, we have started the E.Bay shop, with new stock about to arrive. Spec twin plate racing clutches which fit the VXR8 09 onward road cars. New windscreens and lights are always differcult to get hold of. Monkfish closed their doors at the start of the month. So 3.74 diffs are now in stock, new and rebuilt. 3.2 and 2.9 diffs are also available. Along with Jerico gearbox parts.        This car goes to to NewZealand on Tuesday and the last unprept white car has been sold to three guys, who are going to race and trackday the car. We have still got 4 cars for sale at £18k-£35k, give us a call. 07774268965