UKV8S sell car to New Zealand it was Red

Ken Hunter – Chevrolet Lumina


On paper the car says ‘Chevrolet Lumina’, but in essence it’s just a Holden Commodore VE.

After the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship ventured to Bahrain the locals looked to get their own version of the series.

The WGA Supercars Championship Middle East was a racing series that played support to the Bahrain Grand Prix. After a little over five years, the championship went quiet and a few of the cars began to pop up on various listing sites.

Some of the cars ended up in Great Britain and were run around before heading into storage. Now one is in New Zealand courtesy of Ken Hunter.

While any meaningful times have yet to be set by Hunter, the car looked to be running at roughly the same pace as a TL touring car. With an 6.2 litre LSX V8 at the front it has a bit of grunt and certainly sounds the goods.

Want to see these cars out on track? Head to Pukekohe Park this Saturday for the ENEOS North Island Endurance Series.