UKV8S launch a new Department specialising in Superchargers

UKV8S   Launch a New department within the group called. UKSuperChargers The New Superchargers will be supplied by the Manufacturer.


Designed for people to buy their Supercharger at source. The New concept of buying your Supercharger separate from your fittings, brackets,pipes, intercooler,oil tank and oil cooler. There are many who want the whole service, but those who have the knowledge do not need to buy a whole kit. The advice and facts and figures will be available to download on line. Warranty's is be available for workshops to buy, for as little as £180.00 thus covering your customers, strict guidelines will be put in place, so cars with for example 100000 miles on the clock are not put at risk. Anyone wanting info please send their email address to or contact us on 07774268965. Tech and sales details will be available.