Taking a look at New Tech.

Up to now Turbo's and Superchargers have needed Technology changes to the ECU in your car, if added to an existing fuel injected car. Well no more, we have been working with a company in Europe called Rotrex, to build a plug in system, so that you could fit the Kit to a car. We took a Citreon C1 as a test base, with the standard 68 hp to see if we could double its output. Well we can. The target was to keep the price down as best we could. So we started with a C1 Race car, which has all its race trim and alot of the road fittings taken out, including the aircon. Add the Rotrex Supercharger with intercooler and pipework, its own map and loom to start the build. The SC IS mounted just below the alternator, using a slightly longer belt gets its drive from the crank pulley as normal. Air in is filtered, then cooled, then boosted by the SC and mixed with the fuel. Once the wiring is in place you have the chance ton get 150 hp and more with work having to be done to engine and gearbox, but we are happy just to go to 120-138 hp for the moment.  First remove air box and filter. Remove bumper Add Supercharger Add intercooler and posission just below bumper Add pipework   Connect to trottle body complete with extra injector seen at the back of pipework. Add oil cleaner and tank seen at front with blue cap Place cover over air filter box Add collection box and pipework for air in. add air filter You can fit a upright bar        You can fit a wing, wider tyres and wheels and down force, but first we have to get it to run. Next road testing, an MOT to get, tax and insurance.