Vauxhall VXR Monaro, Ls2 vxr8, and 6.2 Vxr8, Mountings maintianance.

For many years people have tuned engines for Rally and Race. Few in the beginning relized that the more power you put into the engine the more it wanted to break away from its mountings. So why would you mount a 437 hp engine, the gearbox,the prop shaft, and the mountings at either end, one end the gearbox, the other the diff. Now UKV8S has rebuilt differentuals, and found the most common problem is coursed by the engine, gearbox moving forwards and backwards under acceleration and deceleration, with the result of the pinnion in the diff, wanting to drill itself out of the diffs' case, as the diff has two bolts attached to the sub frame, therefore it cannot move. What is needed, new mountings for gearbox and engine and prop, and doughnuts above. ┬áThese are the engine and gearbox mountings. Now for the doughnuts, well you replace them with Universal Joints. at both ends of the prop shaft, and replace the doughnuts with these. using the existing yokes, you with some help turn your road car diff alot longer. Now if you want to tune the car say to 540bhp adding 100hp, the diff will be fine, if you want to Supercharge and go to 750/800bhp you will need to upgrade the diff as fell. Start with the basics the mountings and prop shaft.