Tell me a story……in 2007……at Silverstone…..In a previous life…

In a previous life I was the founder of Britcar, and on this night 2007, 13 years ago, I was Directing the Britcar 24hr Silverstone Race. I was able to get Top Gear to come and play. I am the man after the accident with glasses...... I enjoyed the job, I hope you enjoy the film. This my film and story.
It was very long, I had a great team, from the BRSCC Chairman Bernard Cotterill, who is in race control this weekend for F1, and all the Marshals from all over the country. My Sec was Claire Hedley, who now owns Britcar, and F1 language is doing a Great Job. To my staff who had to put up with me. Then there was The Top Gear Circus. It was a masssive challenge for them. The Teams who followed me and came year after year, to The European Endurance racing Club, with Willie Moore who started John Vennes and myself on the journey in 2002. On to Britcar and the 24hr Race. I would like to say thank you all. . The winners over the years. from 2005:-
2005 Martin Short..Shaun Balfe.Jamie Derbyshire..Nick Jacobs
2006.. Dieter Quester..Dirk Werner..Tim Mullen..Jamie Campbell-Walter
2007. Dieter Quester..Dirk Werner.. Johannes Stuck. Jamie Campbell-Walter
2008.Mark Sumpter.. Adrian Slater.. Andy Purdie.
2009.Andrew Beaumont.Pat Gormley.Ben Clucas.
2010. Witt Gamski. Keith Robinson. John Gaw..Phil Dryburgh
2011. Michael McInerney.Sean McInerney. Phil Keen
2012.. Michael Symons.. Clint Bardwell.Richard Abra
Mark Poole
2013. Richard Abra.. Mark Poole..
2015.. Andrew Howard. Jonathan Adam.. Jamie Chadwick
Ross Gunn
2016.. Charles Lamb. Richard Neary. Richard Roberts. Martin Short.