ukv8s’ 447R Engine….

The LSX376. B-15 with its air intake manifold, it will need alternator, water pump, injectors and engine management loom, plus headers, belts and a Supercharger kit. The engine will handle 750HP so I am working with Rotrex to develope a kit, as I have with the Citreon C1, which takes the 68HP to 128HP without having to touch the cars management ECU. ( It is possible to go to 200HP plus but engine and gearbox work, would have to be done.) This means no extra expence for tuning and the use of a rolling road.  ( It is possible to go to 200HP plus but engine and gearbox work, would have to be done.)  The Rotrex Supercharger shown below is smaller than the alternator and does not produce any extra heat into the engine, unlike a Turbocharger. It comes with pipes, ECU, intercooler, oil resevoir, oil filter and Charger. for £2500.00 plus vat, a very cheap cost, to go from 11.4 secs to 60mph, to 6.8sec. Chevrolet Performance’s LSX crate engines take LS power to the next level, with racing-engineered combinations that deliver power with strength. Each is based on the high-performance LSX Bowtie block, which is designed to support extreme performance combinations, including supercharging, turbocharging and nitrous. Chevrolet Performance’s LSX376 B-8 and LSX376 B-15 engines are specially designed for the high-pressure demands of forced induction, with forged crankshafts and pistons. Our cylinder heads complement that tough block with tremendous airflow and six-bolts-per-cylinder clamping strength that supports power adders of all types. The LSX454R is the biggest, baddest LS engine in Chevrolet Performance’s arsenal. It’s a 750-horsepower, naturally aspirated drag strip assault weapon that’s capable of propelling your race car down the track in 9 seconds or less. 1/4 mile. If your car can handle the power, the LSX454R will help you win!  A picture of the Cobra we built, with s/s air intake, that would be replaced with the Rotrex Supercharger intake.