So were do you start to build a car?

You want to build a car, were do you start, you may want to use an old chassis,          you may want to build in carbon fibre, but cannot afford it . You may want  a road car . or a trackday car, built for you by a top race team . so when you relise you cannot afford all those, the dreaming starts. or you look at a car and use old technology and make a similar shaped car with modern upgrades.  or this or this Well we have decided on a mix of this  and this Now you need to buy all the parts. Engine, gearbox, diff, prop shaft, hubs, brakes, drive shafts and and and. The original March 82 GTP had a Chevi with Hewland MK9, well today we have road cars with the technology, Holden Commadore, Vauxhall vxr8, and the ss Camaro in the States. They all have 6.0 or 6.2 litre engines, they all have good brakes, hubs, shafts etc, so go and find a Donna car. A write off will do, it has everything you need, apart from a gearbox, because the engine is going in the back. This is a Hewland mk9 as used in the original car, bolted to a LS3 or Lsx 6.2 litre you will have the same poweras the original car. 425bhp. or you can go Porsche 911, Audi R8 as donna cars. They have the engine and gearbox in the right order. Well that is how we are going about our labour of love. She will be called the 447 RT. The engine will be 447bhp, The R is race, T for Trackday or Tucker. There was a Tucker car built innthe 1930's. Till next time, many thanks for your support, we will be doing a series on facebook/youtube and ukv8s web. Next News in two days. James Tucker.