The Parts have started to come off the dona car.

Parts have started to come off the dona car, and the store, a comlete rear subframe, with diff, suspension arms, drive shafts, hubs, need new bearings, long studs, PFP brakes 360mm and calipers, Erkie 18x11 wheels and Dunlop slick tyres. All the items have been cleaned and suspension bushes rose jointed. The picture shows a MK9 Hewland, which was in the original car. We are going to look at one, with report how we get on. We also have a Jerico synquentual 4 speed and a Tremec, but I will not use the Tremec. We have a seat and 6 point harness, some tow straps, a big fire extinguisher auto, window netting. Back to more important things, a welder Jamie who is joining the team. Next is to find someone round Alton who could help with Fibre glassing and carbon fibre. The source for sandwich 3mm/6mm aluminium sheet, and steel tube has been found, everything needs to be local. A new CNC company is in place, they are all ex McLaren, who have set up 2 miles away, and I have given them the front uprights to modify. We took delivery today of a wndscreen, from an Army surpless supplier, the concept was good, but we think it is too heavy, it is from a Hawk fighter jet. By the way we are going to call the the car, The Hawk, it seams appropiate. May I add, it was around 20k new, I bourght it for £350.00, the box it came in is worth more than that. If not used it will become a screen for a flight simulator. This the shape we are after, but Ultima will not sell us one, bless the little ....souls. Little do they realize I was going to buy one, instead of doing what I am doing. Shame. If we do not use that we are looking at Mazda MX5 hard tops, Megane rear windows, and driveing down the road has become ' screen spotting' with great discussions. Well we started Monday and its Wednesday, no Thursday, sleep well.