? Mid engine Holden Commadore 6.2litre. GT car

The Holden race car has been developed, raced and now dropped by GM. The question has been asked by a number of people would it be possible to change a front engined ca into a Mid engined car? I hace looked at my Holden, and I think it is possible. Take the engine and place it behind the front seats. Put the petrol tank under the bonnet, change the diff to a transaxle. and bolt the engine to it. Now you have a saloon mid engined sports car. The weight would be 50% front to back 50%, giving more balance, also you could put a flat floor, with diffuser, and split splitter, with air moving over the bonnet and down the tunnel. Giving much greater down force. The next thing is to take weight out of the car.....So a road car at 1850kgs approx to current race car at 1520kgs to 100kgs with mid engine to 900kgs with a carbon fibre body. still using 447bhp, that would change the hp per to ton expertentually. Change the ratios in the new gearbox and diff and you have a Holden GT car.  Shall we do it? Well let us start with a road car, 33k miles, and start just the engine move. The trans axle from Sadev is 7/8k, some cutting and welding, move the petrol tank and you have the first part done. Total bill car, trans, welding 15k and lets see if its quicker.