The last space frame 2016 and the frame 2020.

In 2016 I decided to start on lightening a Holden Commadore VE and I have seen the 'RS Roadster Shop' and decided to modernise our project from 'this to this' and that is how the pictures will show you the concept.       a major disadvantage to the blue car, a 6 point roll cage, major heavy chassis bars and more. So we are going to make a stand similar to the one in the picture above. That will be level and square, so we cam measure all the points of contact that need welding. The first measurement will be the width of the new car, that is 1990mm, so the two long running bars will be that far apart to the outside. We will order 75mmx50mm// 3mm thick rectangular 7.5 metre long tubes 5 in total. Rather than wheels we will use leveling feet, as no concrete floor is level. That gives us the same base to start from. Our donar car weighs 1840kilos or about 4000lbs, our target weight for the finnished car will be around 1000kilos or 2200lbs, nearly half the weight, with the same HP, 437BHP.