Body styleing for the Holden Commadore Coupe 60

Well lets look at the concept of the New Holden Commadore VE B-15 6.2litres 437bhp race car being developed by UKV8S.We need to loose Weight, without Weight Watchers. The 4 door VE is 1870 kilos makes it 4000lbs. The Holden UTE is 1720 kilos, saving 150 kilos. Good start. We need more so loose the pickup section, maybe 400kilos, so 550 kilos saved. I think there is a better way, 60 were built for Homoligation for the Australian SuperTouringCars, and some road cars were made, but because Holden Australia was closing down, it did not go into official production, for the general market. The 2 door was born, saving weight on the old chassis by 320kilos, no central pillar, no back doors similar to the BMW M Series cars. The car was also shorter than the UTE/pickup, saving weight and overhang. Ground affects were added at the rear, and side skirts. Leaveing room for a flat floor in the┬áSuperTouringCars. This is all good news for us, so weight wise we are now around equal. 1350-1400kilos. 1000lbs gone. Well 1400kilos has got to go to a 1000kilos. Cut the floor out, right upto the peddles. and the back doors, well the Coupe has done that, get rid of the steel chassis members over the rear subframe. and start again. Move theengine to the back, and hey presto.   Shorter, no weight problems, 50/50 distribution, ground affects, sleeker lines, lower in total height by 3 inches. Wishbones, 380 front and 360 back PFP disc's and calipers. Fuel tank infront of the screen, with the radiator staying upfront, with pipes, brake lines and electric's going through the tunnel above a flat floor. Heavt gearbox goes along with the differentual, to be replaced by 1/2 the weight, and Synquentual 6 speed trans axle. Ending up looking something like this.... See you soon.....ordering to do.