? Mid engine Holden Commadore 6.2litre. GT car

The Holden race car has been developed, raced and now dropped by GM. The question has been asked by a number of people would it be possible to change a front engined ca into a Mid engined car? I hace looked at my Holden, and I think it is possible. Take

The Parts have started to come off the dona car.

Parts have started to come off the dona car, and the store, a comlete rear subframe, with diff, suspension arms, drive shafts, hubs, need new bearings, long studs, PFP brakes 360mm and calipers, Erkie 18x11 wheels and Dunlop slick tyres. All the items have been cleaned and suspension bushes rose

So were do you start to build a car?

You want to build a car, were do you start, you may want to use an old chassis,          you may want to build in carbon fibre, but cannot afford it . You may want  a road car . or a trackday car, built for you by a top race team . so when you relise you cannot

NEWS on a new project. We start with an amazing story.

In 1982 a small group of people got together to build a car. They built it, and this is the story:- 1982 March 82G GTP Prototype vin number 1 Want to win at Le Mans Classic with a Adrian Newey racing car ? Want to drive at 390 km/h ? March Engineering Limited

ukv8s’ 447R Engine….

The LSX376. B-15 with its air intake manifold, it will need alternator, water pump, injectors and engine management loom, plus headers, belts and a Supercharger kit. The engine will handle 750HP so I am working with Rotrex to develope a kit, as I have with the Citreon C1, which takes

New car in first stages of build.

The new project will use a Factory Five Body in Red, with a LSX 376 Supercharged By Rotrex to 680bhp, and all Holden race car, running gear, 380mm front and 365mm rear rotars and PF calipers.     front and rear suspension all ready being put in place. GM Diff 2.97 or 3.97 with 18"