Another 447R nearly ready for the road.

Another UKV8S 447R in build, with an LSX 6.2 litre GM crate engine, witch can be supercharged, taking it from 447 bhp to 620 bhp. The Tremmic six speed manual box linked to a GM 3.72 Differentual, giving it a 3.1 to 60 mph. With the looks to match. The all black

Provisional Dates and parts list.

  Mini 101 racing kit BMW R50 MINI COOPER 2004-2006 5 SPEED Getrg Gearbox Provisional Dates Club Car Registration Annual 100.00 Driver Membership to Mini101Club Annual 100.00 Each car to have a valid MSA Entrants Licence Annual 208.00 ENTRIES 2-3rd June Anglesey 45 min qual 2x 180min races. Non Refundable deposit 200.00 2nd April £1400 Balance 2nd May Late Payment £1800.00 7th

UKV8S car for sale

07774268965 The cars are based on a Holden Commodore VE chassis, as you may know there are many variants of this same chassis in different countries for example here in the UK they are Vauxhall VXR8's. The cars were originally built for a single make championship in Bahrain, they ran for

Silverstone 6hr Day and Night Race 2018

A provisional date has been looked at the Silverstone Circuit. for A one day race event, with day time qualifying and night qualifying, this would support a race with day and night time racing all in one day. A club has been found  to run the race day, BARC have


I have been working on the new project for about 6 weeks, phoning old friends about the New MINI101 Series. I did the same many years ago and it took nearly 2 years for Britcar to have its first ever race. There were 14 cars on that grid. But I am

MINI101 talking of First 6hr Race in June.

Discussions with a UK circuit has found the First 6hr race in 2018. June seems to be the month suggested. A 12hr and a 24hr race could follow, 2018/19. MINI101 will be going to the Autosport Show to tie up the loose ends. So far 10 or so cars are planned, so we

UKV8S New Mini101 build.

We at UKV8S are going to build one or two cars, to race in the new MINI101 Series. If we can find drivers we will enter the 24hr race at Silverstone with Creventic, in March. The bolt in cage will take 5 weeks to arrive , but that is no problem. We

Andrew joins the Series.

Hi MINI 101 Race Teams, Here are a few pictures of our Mini race car project. The Mini 101 series is a great new idea that will allow me a senior racer, a chance to introduce two young men to their first taste of motorsport . So Jack Weeks and Steven Rusling

Mini Cooper build Part2

So find a road car with 2/3 friends , go racing. A 2004 car Mini Cooper to 2007 has the Getrag 5 speed box. Price around £1000.00 to £1500.00. they can be bought cheaper. But the kit below and some ,sheel 15" wheels and you are away. The plan is to build up