ukv8s’ 447R Engine….

The LSX376. B-15 with its air intake manifold, it will need alternator, water pump, injectors and engine management loom, plus headers, belts and a Supercharger kit. The engine will handle 750HP so I am working with Rotrex to develope a kit, as I have with the Citreon C1, which takes

New car in first stages of build.

The new project will use a Factory Five Body in Red, with a LSX 376 Supercharged By Rotrex to 680bhp, and all Holden race car, running gear, 380mm front and 365mm rear rotars and PF calipers.     front and rear suspension all ready being put in place. GM Diff 2.97 or 3.97 with 18"

The Chevy V8’s in Bahrain 2009/2010.

Well after 5 years I have put the final 3 cars on the market, as you can see they are great fun. The film is from Bahrain, they were used as support for the F1 package, and a series in 2009/2010, then were after a long storage period, shipped to the

Ross White Paint Shop New Zealand.

Ken Hunter the MD of Ross White Paint shop in Taupo New Zealand has the sister car to the Dunlop v8 featured. He repainted it and is running in the National V8 championship. He said the car has been great from out of the box. He has altered camber adjustment and fitted

Super Coupe Cup 2020/21

 Super Coupe Cup 2020/21 In 1995 the Super Coupe Cup was launched when a number of one make championships were, due to a major recession, cancelled by the manufacturers. Eighty cars owned by privateers found they had nowhere to go to race. Dave Pierce, Jeff Wyatt, and James Tucker plus a few


Taking a look at New Tech.

Up to now Turbo's and Superchargers have needed Technology changes to the ECU in your car, if added to an existing fuel injected car. Well no more, we have been working with a company in Europe called Rotrex, to build a plug in system, so that you could fit the