UKV8S. More cars sold, to join the grid.

x6 More 06 Holden car's at £12000.00 still available and x3 09 Holdens at £28000.00 all plus vat. If you own a V8 Race car and its for sale please contact UKV8S, so the new owner may be able to race in 2017. 01252834377. or   The cars:- V8 Supercars//09 Holdens//06 Holdens//BMW V8's//BMW 3.2

GD T70 Race Car.

The GDT70 Race Car will be seen as a major step back into the past, the 70's and 80's produced big sports cars,                    with great amounts of horse power, produced by useing the American V8 engines like the Mclaren Can am car. The

UKV8S Regulations for 2017

UKV8S New Regulations 2017 I have been asked to make it simple, so this is what I have done. 8 Race Weekends. Name:- UKV8 AlComer Series 2017. 20 minutes qualifying and for 2x 20 minute races for less than £300.00 for early payment. (one month in advance.) £350.00 for late payment. (within the month before the


The picture above is of a beautiful old style Cobra with the traditional colours and long roof. This a stunning kit car which you could build yourself, or place an order with a good kit car company such as Dax Cars.   The New Car with be called the 447R, 550RS and 700RS. The new UKV8S

OBB Part 3

Time for tea, it's part 3! Since last time, unbelievably even more has been cut out. An aluminium cover plate was made for the rear section of the car. This piece has currently been removed by us to clear up the chassis underneath, removing all the excess brackets and welding up

Operation Brown Bear Update 2

Build update The front bumper has been cut to remove the ridiculously heavy mounting from the bottom of the Aussie super car style duckbill along with this section. This will also make it much easier to reproduce front bumpers as there are now no overhanging areas which would be tricky to

VXR8 Road Car for Sale

For sale is a stunning red Vauxhall VXR8 (6.0 LS2). The car is in very good condition for the mileage (141,487) and has been meticulously looked after under our ownership, it has a full service history (Picador and Monkfish Performance) with the last stamp at 138,000 miles. Upon purchase a full

Operation Brown Bear

Our plans to get a single make championship/series off the ground for the SC09 V8’s has been hindered due to lack of commitment. We still very much plan to run with the idea, however it will certainly require more time and effort and we hope that throughout the 2016 season