Details of purchase for the SC09 V8 Supercars from UKV8S are outlined below. We can meet the customers specific requirements within reason, if you are interested please get in touch here. 07774268965 Colours available:
1 available£20k
1 available £15k
1 available£25k
1 available£35k
A brief outline of what is included is listed in the table below.

Prices Range from £15,000.00 to £35,000 + vat. (Export No Vat)

Plain spherical bearingsFully prepared vehicles have an extensive investigation conducted, from this we determine the condition and what is required. As a matter of course numerous components are replaced such as;
  • other suspension components such as bushes and rod ends
  • The clutch slave cylinder is replaced which requires machining to fit
  • Bell housing is modified to make removal of the gearbox a simpler operation for servicing in the future
  • Race battery
  • Rain light
  • Fuel sampling kit
  • Exhaust silencer and decibel reducers
  • FIA padding
  • Machined gear stick extension
  • Re-certification of fire system
  • Radiator pressure cap
  • Full fluids
  • Tow straps
  • Mandatory decals
  • Gearbox service; inc. seals
A "buyback" scheme is available if you wish to sell the vehicle; for more information contact us for details.