The cars are based on a Holden Commodore VE chassis, as you may know there are many variants of this same chassis in different countries for example here in the UK they are Vauxhall VXR8's. The cars were originally built for a single make championship in Bahrain, they ran for a few seasons then put into storage. We plan on bringing these fire-breathing beasts from the middle east back to life here in the UK for all to see.   I hope you have a bit more of an insight to what we are trying to achieve, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us 07774268965 ENGINE
  • Normally aspirated water-cooled V8 with two valves per cylinder.
  • 6,200cc stroke 92mm bore 103.25mm diameter
  • Max power 450BHP 5,900RPM Max RPM 6000
  • LSX Block
  • Required fuel quality 95 octane unleaded
  • Wet sump lubrication
  • Sequential multi-point injection
  • Electronic engine management MEFI 5 by Painless
  • Single throttle body intake
  • Single front mounted Setrab oil cooler
  • Jerico four speed gearbox with sequential dog engagement
  • ZF LSD differential unit with two ratio options
  • Aluminium race flywheel
  • Dual plate clutch rated at 1100BHP
  • Hydraulic clutch release system
  • Weight optimised body shell
  • Aerodynamic front splitter
  • Adjustable carbon fibre rear wing
  • Ventilation for driver via modified windows
  • CIC interior panels
  • Steel boot lid with strengthening for rear wing
  • Modified synthetic rear body panels with diffuser
  • Poly carbonate side and rear windows
  • Welded in roll cage
  • Quick release steering wheel
  • Electric fire extinguisher system
  • 80 litre ATL bag fuel tank
  • 2.5" ATL dry break system
IMAG0321 SUSPENSION Front axle
  • MacPherson strut height adjustable
  • Double coil spring race set up with three spring rate options
  • Bilstein gas shock absorbers
  • Dual lower control arms with spherical bearing joints
  • Adjustable front ARB
  • Power steering
  • Continually variable track rods
  • Modified steering Column [adjustable]
Rear axle
  • Multilink rear suspension on sub frame with rose joint inserts
  • Suspension struts, height adjustable
  • Single coil spring race set-up
  • Bilstein gas pressure shock absorbers
  • Reinforced adjustable track rods
  • Adjustable ARB
  • Dual circuit brake system adjustable via balance system and two master cylinders.
Front axle
  • Performance Friction ZR27 Monobloc 4 Piston Calipers
  • Performance Friction 380mm discs
  • Long distance brake pads
Rear axle
  • Performance Friction ZR33 Two-Piece 4 Piston Calipers
  • Performance Friction 355mm discs
  • Long distance brake pads
  • Single piece Enkei RCT4 race rims 18 x 9"
Courtesy of PJCHERRY
Courtesy of PJCHERRY